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Behind the Brushes...

A bit about me

I had a long and successful career in business up until having my two children. After my youngest child started nursery, I felt the urge to return to work. I knew that I didn’t want to re-join the ‘rat-race’ and I wanted my job to fit around my family life. After a whole lot of soul searching, lengthy conversations about moving into a career based on passion and a gentle shove from my husband, I found myself enrolled on the Combined Course in Professional Makeup Artistry at The Academy of Freelance Makeup in Soho. I was finally going to chase my dream! After graduation from the course in June 2018, now a qualified Makeup Artist (MUA) I have been building a client base and building my studio, The Beauty Barn in Havant. I can honestly say I haven’t stopped to look back at all, its been a whirlwind journey and I’m certainly enjoying the ride! Since going into makeup as a profession and not just piece-meal for friends and family, I don’t feel like I’ve worked a single day. I am literally in love with my ‘job’ and have never been happier or more fulfilled. Meeting people and getting to create their makeup looks for events, parties or even their wedding day is a blessing. When somebody leaves my studio glowing and happy, there honestly is no better feeling.



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Behind the Brushes: About Me
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